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Deciding on the "right" curriculum for your small group can be a very challenging task. Our Resource Centre staff understand that each group is unique and each group's interests/needs are different. We would like to serve you by suggesting some study materials suitable for your specific group. Since we stock a large selection of the latest and best small group studies, and since we often hear of people's experiences with them, we believe we can be a help to you and your group.

Before making any suggestions, we would like to know about your group. Please fill in the following form and send it by clicking the button at the bottom. We will respond within 48 hours (not including weekends) with curriculum suggestions for your group. Please answer all the questions as best you can.

 Describe Your Group

 Your Name:
 E-mail Address:
 Age of Group:       
25 - 39
40 - 59
60 +
 Stage in Life:                
College & career
Single or single again
Young married’s
Adults with young children
Adults with teens
Older adults
Other (explain below)
Mixed group
Women only
Men only
 Length of time together as a small group (months):
 Stage in
 spiritual walk:
New believers
Growing Christians
Maturing believers - want depth
Mixed group

 Time available for discussion of the study material: minutes

 For how many sessions will this curriculum be used: meetings
 Will group members
 prepare at home?
 If yes to homework,
 how much time:
0 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

 Depth of personal
 sharing within the
Mostly surface
Felt needs and/or interests
expressed within the group
Occasional times of vulnerability
Honest, open, authentic

Tell us about possible interests or topics your group would like to study. Would you prefer a book or DVD format? Consider previous studies you've completed – are there aspects of those studies you would like in your next curriculum?

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