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Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life

Author: Robert D. Lupton
Publisher: Gospel Light
ISBN: 9780830743797
Pages: 139
Year Printed: 2007
Rethinking Ministry to the Poor
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A fresh look at Christian charity.

The urban landscape is changing and, as a result, urban ministries are at a crossroads. If the Church is to be an effective agent of compassion and justice, we must change our mission strategies. In this compelling book, Lupton asks tough questions about service providing and community building to help us enhance our effectiveness. Among the questions: What dilemmas do caring people encounter to faithfully carry out the teachings of Scripture and become personally involved with "the least of these"? What are some possible alternatives to the ways we have traditionally attempted to care for the poor? How do people, programs and neighborhoods move toward reciprocal, interdependent relationships? To effect these types of changes will require new skill sets and resources, but the possibilities for good are great.

  1. What Does Jesus Say?
  2. What About Root Causes
  3. Serving and Controlling
  4. Clothes closets and Compassion
  5. Helping John
  6. community-Friendly Church
  7. Betterment to Development
  8. On Doing Good
  9. Occupying the High Ground
  10. The Problem of Parking
  11. Servants or Friends?
  12. On care and Accountability
  13. Going Deeper with Development
  14. So You Want to Change a Bad Neighborhood, Do You?
  15. Making the Neighborhood Work
  16. community-Friendly Programs
  17. Transition from Programs to development
  18. Toward a Theology of Gentrification
  19. A Gift Fit for a King

Appendix: The Eight Components of Christian Community Development

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