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What Christianity is All About

What Christianity is All About
Author: Alan Kent Scholes
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 1576831272
Pages: 222
Year Printed:1999
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Would You Like To Enjoy A Closer Relationship With God? The more you discover about God, the more you can truly know and enjoy Him.

Join Alan Scoles in an easy-to-read yet intensive study of the basic doctrines of the evangelical faith. Build a deeper relationship with God through an in-depth look at who He is, who we are, and how we can relate to Him. Read true life examples, both tragic and triumphant, that will help you defend your faith to the world. Find a better understanding of your faith and renewed passion for Christ through doctrinal information, personal stories, questions, and suggested readings. Ideal doe students, lay people, and those working with new believers.
Includes questions for personal reflections an group discussion.


    1. Our approach, convictions, persuasions and
    2. Our God: The one who Exists
    3. Our God: Who He is
    4. Revelation: God's various ways of speaking
    5. The Bible: God's special way of speaking
    6. Christ: The Man who is God
    7. Humanity: Good news and bad news
    8. Salvation: God's answer to our needs
    9. The Holy Spirit: Our Indwelling Comforter
  10. Christian Growth: Our Walk of Faith
  11. The Invisible War - Our Supernatural Allies and
  12. The Church: Our new family
  13. Last Things: When we see Him face to face.


The beauty of this book lies in its ability to take sometimes complex theological issues and relate them to the experiences of real-life. Never dull, this story-filled, personalized treatment of the Christian faith makes understanding basic doctrine an adventure to be enjoyed instead of a task to be endured. Especially helpful are the personal application questions at the end of each chapter that spark thoughtful reflection on how these ideas can and should impact the way you live in and experience the real world.  - Lewis Winkler

I really enjoyed this book. It's one of the better theology books I've read. What makes this book a 5 star book is the practically of the faith that the author instills and its balanced undertaking of different doctrines. Scholes tells you up front what he considers convictions (essentials of the Christian faith), persuasions, and opinions.  Definitely a top notch book for new Christians and those that want a quick yet very practical refresher.  -- E. Alvarez

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