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Children's Ministry on Purpose

Children's Ministry on Purpose
Author:  Steve Adams
ISBN:  9780310523017
Publisher:  Zondervan
Published:  2017
Pages:  294
Sub-title:  A Purpose-Driven Approach to Lead Kids Toward Spiritual Health

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Many children’s ministries are a flurry of activity, run by dedicated volunteers and staff who put in long hours and work hard for the good of the children and parents they serve. Yet despite good intentions, many children’s ministries today are not effective. They lack purpose and intentionality.

A twenty-five year veteran of children’s ministry in the local church, pastor Steve Adams has ministered to families in multiple churches, from tiny church plants to his present position at Saddleback Church. In this book, Steve applies the revolutionary insights of the Purpose Driven Church to children’s ministry and leads readers on a journey of discovery, showing them how to develop an intentional ministry process that moves children toward spiritual health while building a healthy ministry environment for those who work with kids. You will learn how to ask and answer five simple but powerful questions:

  • Why are we on this journey?
  • Where are you and where are you going?
  • Who are we trying to reach?
  • How will we move our children towards spiritual health?
  • What are the essential elements necessary for the journey?

There is no single key to a successful children’s ministry, nor is there only one way that works for everyone. But there is a proven process you can follow and Steve shows how children’s ministries all over the world are reaching their God-given potential by discovering their biblical purpose, avoiding the traps of frustration and burnout.

Table of Contents

  1. Making the Most of Your Opportunity
  2. A Purpose Driven Children's Ministry
  3. Why Does Your Ministry Exist?
  4. Where Are You Now and Where Are You Going?
  5. Who Are You Trying to Reach?
  6. How Will You Move Your Children toward Spiritual Health?
  7. What are the Essential Components Needed to Support the Strategy?
  8. Developing a Healthy Volunteer Team
  9. Becoming a Leader People Will Follow
  10. The Importance of Involving Parents
  11. The Necessity of Implementing Changre
  12. Why Do You Exist in Ministry?

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