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Grace Is Greater

Grace Is Greater
Author:  Kyle Idleman
ISBN:  9780801019418
Publisher:  Baker
Published:  2017
Pages:  188
Sub-title:  God's Plan to Overcome Your Past, Redeem Your Pain, and Rewrite Your Story
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Price: $21.50 ($22.58 incl. TAX)

"By the end of this book you will see grace in a new light; you will see your loving God in a new light. Read it and be encouraged."--Max Lucado, author of GRACE and In the Grip of Grace

No sin is so great, no bitterness so deep that God's grace cannot transform the heart and rewrite the story. But grace is so hard for us to understand.

It doesn't make sense.
It's not fair.
It can't possibly cover over what I've done.

Perhaps nothing is as difficult to explain as God's grace. The best way--perhaps the only real way--to understand it is to experience it.

In Grace Is Greater, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman leads us past our hang-ups toward an understanding of grace that is bigger than our mistakes, our failures, our desire for revenge, and our seemingly impossible situations. Through powerful stories of grace experienced, this book will help you truly grasp God's grace . . . even if the Christians around you have failed to live it.

"Grace is my favorite topic, and Kyle Idleman's new book breathes fresh life into it through engaging stories and winsome insights. Nothing is greater than grace. Celebrate it, live it, share it!"--Lee Strobel, award-winning author of The Case for Grace

Table of Contents

Part 1: Grace Is Greater . . . Than Your Mistakes
1. More Forgiving Than Your Guilt
2. More Beautiful Than Your Brokenness
3. More Redemptive Than Your Regrets

Part 2: Grace Is Greater . . . Than Your Hurts
4. More Healing Than Your Wounds
5. More Freeing Than Your Bitterness
6. More Prevailing Than Your Vengeance
7. More Reconciling Than Your Resentment
8. More Peaceful Than Your Disappointments
9. More Powerful  Than Your Weakness
10.More Hopeful Than Your Despair


"Kyle Idleman is a remarkable writer. As he opens his heart and God's Word, he shares stories that are both moving and meaningful and confesses his own weaknesses with stunning transparency. He also has a wry sense of humor, which enhances and never detracts from the important lessons he offers. Grace Is Greater is practical and inspirational, providing a clear path to freedom through God's amazing gift of grace. I loved it!"

Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

"Kyle Idleman's books never cease to inspire me. He writes with boldness, communicating biblical truth in a fresh and convicting way! Kyle challenges us to not just experience grace but to make sure no one we come in contact with misses the grace of God. His witty, straightforward wisdom will motivate and encourage you to live a life worthy of your calling. I highly recommend it!"

Chip Ingram, author of Grace: Experiencing God's Generosity

"As a follower of Jesus, I can't help but being a fan of Kyle Idleman. He seems to eat, sleep, and breathe a passion for heart-connection with God. That kind of a relationship can't happen when we confine God's grace to the work he did to save us. It happens when we allow his grace to permeate the messiest parts of our lives and ultimately become the defining feature of how we treat others. Kyle's book Grace Is Greater is a journey in how to make that happen."

Dr. Tim Kimmel, author of Grace Based Parenting and Grace Filled Marriage

"If Kyle Idleman writes something, I read it! I sat down to read Grace Is Greater and couldn't put it down. His teaching on grace challenged me. The way God is presented comforted me. The words that describe people inspired me! I'm different and better because of this book . . . and you will be too."

Caleb Kaltenbach, author of Messy Grace

"Kyle has a way of communicating grace that invites all people to partake. In Grace Is Greater, you will be challenged to receive God's love and mercy daily, and freely give it to others. From the first page to the last, you will see that grace is truly greater than anything and everything else."

Mark Batterson, lover of God's grace and New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker

"When I was sent the manuscript for Grace Is Greater, I thought, Oh no, not another book on grace! I quickly checked my little library and discovered that I already had at least eight books whose titles included the word grace. I asked myself, Do I need another one? But I began to read and was immediately drawn in by Kyle Idleman's engaging stories, delightful humor, compelling truths, and, yes, grace. I laughed out loud and shed a few tears as I was reminded in fresh ways of the all-encompassing greatness, power, and relevance of God's grace for the brokenness, disappointments, and hurts we all encounter on our journey. After reading Grace Is Greater, I decided the answer to my question was, Yes, I do need another book on grace. I think we all do."

Cynthia Heald, author of Becoming a Woman of Grace

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