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Sneezing Jesus

Sneezing Jesus
Author:  Brian Hardin
ISBN:  9781631467400
Publisher:  Navpress
Published:  July 2017
Pages:  131
Sub-title:  How God Redeems Our Humanity
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Are you ready to be human?
Human. God. Two words that jar against each other and yet describe Jesus perfectly. Jesus was fully human and fully divine, which is extraordinary. But He was also ordinary in the most counterintuitive way: His life shows us what normal humanity is supposed to look like. Jesus came to earth to redeem humanity itself, and through Him, that redeemed humanity is available to us all.

In Sneezing Jesus, Brian Hardin journeys through vivid Gospel stories, pointing to a revolutionary truth: If Jesus was a normal human living a normal human life, then His death and resurrection didn’t just save our souls—it saves our humanity here and now.

Table of Contents 

00  PROLOGUE:  On flesh and words

01  ADVENT:  On brokenness and wholeness

02  BACKWARD:  On utter dependence and kingdoms

03  WEEP:  On tear bottles and pour-overs

04  GO AWAY:  On storms, swine, and naked men

05  BETWEEN A PLACE & A HARD ROCK:  On assumptions and the most important question

06  KERATOCONUS:  On miracles

07  NEIGHBORS:  On Samaritans in pickup trucks

08  OPEN IT UP:  On rolling stones and resurrections

09  RINSE:  On blessings, happiness, and feet

10  EUCHARIST:  On the bittersweet, death, and hope

11  SNEEZING JESUS:  On infectious, chronic, terminal love


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