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God Took me by the Hand

God Took me by the Hand
Author: Jerry Bridges
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781612915791
Year: 2014
Pages: 191
Sub-Title : A Story of God's Unusual Providence

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More than Jerry Bridges's memoir, Good Took Me by the Hand is a lesson in recognizing God's work in your own life.  From his humble beginnings as a boy with physical problems to his missionary career and worldwide travels to his life as a bestselling author, Jerry recounts his story, which serves as a backdrop for God's extraordinary work.  Along the way Jerry shares the seven key spiritual lessons he learned as God repeatedly gave him promises through Scripture and fulfilled each one as he stepped out in faith.

Through Jerry's own down-to-earth story, learn to recognize God's hand in your life as you live in faithfulness to His Word.


  1. Introduction
  2. An Unpromising Beginning
  3. The Biblical Foundation
  4. School Days
  5. A New Beginning
  6. College Days
  7. Naval Service
  8. San Diego Navigator Home
  9. Glen Eyrie
  10. Europe
  11. Early Married Life
  12. Secretary/Treasurer
  13. Transition Era
  14. Fruitful Ministry
  15. A Time of Reflection

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