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Scripture by Heart

Scripture by Heart
Author: Joshua Choonmin Kang
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830835362
Pages: 166
Dimensions: 14 x 21
Year Printed:
Devotional Practices for Memorizing God's Word
Price: $18.99 ($19.94 incl. TAX)

Why memorize the Bible?

In our information-saturated society, with so many details to take in, the idea of memorizing Scripture can seem overwhelming - like one more task on a checklist. But pastor Joshua Choonmin Kang has discovered what happens when we do spend time memorizing God's Word: We grasp a larger, truer picture of God. We more closely and more often imitate Christ. We worship God "in spirit and in truth." We're better able to fulfill God's mission.

He offers here:

  • 30 short devotional readings
  • spiritual practices that teach how to memorize
  • specific help for persevering when you feel stuck

There is no substitute for God's Word and no shortcut to having it dwell in us. But there is help here for the journey. Pastor Kang's words and wisdom can guide you into a new relationship with the living Word, and the God it reveals.

  1. Bearing Fruit Through Meditation
  2. Tasting the Sweetness of the Word (Practice: Take Small Steps)
  3. Acquiring Wisdom (Practice: Sharpen Your Focus)
  4. Cultivating the Affections of Our Heart (Practice: Find the Right Environment)
  5. Improving the Power of Learning (Practice: Get It Right the First Time)
  6. Strengthening the Will (Practice: Use Index Cards)
  7. Parenting Wisely (Practice: Arrange by Topic)
  8. Maturing as a Teacher (Practice: Make a Habit of It)
  9. Offering Spiritual Counsel (Practice: Determine Topic, Reference, Word)
  10. Living in Faith (Practice: Planning Our Memory Schedule)
  11. Finding Victory in Spiritual Warfare (Practice: Understanding What We Memorize)
  12. Preparing for Spiritual Difficulty (Practice: Meditation and Transformation)
  13. Transforming Trials (Practice: Memorize with an Eye on Use)
  14. Receiving Divine Guidance (Practice: Memorize for Recollection)
  15. Becoming God's Instrument (Practice: Aim for Mastery
  16. Fulfilling Your Mission (Practice: When Memorization Bogs Down)
  17. Conclusion: Meditating on Psalm 1

    Appendix: Favorite Passages for Memorization

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