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NOOMA Group Collection 002

Author: Rob Bell
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310326564
Year Printed: 2010

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NOOMA Group is designed to engage viewers with those issues that are most important to all of us. NOOMA films look at life from a perspective of Jesus, and encourage you to explore the questions raised in those films through conversation and mutual study. NOOMA Group | Collection 002 is designed to facilitate four separate small group experiences. Watch the Collection 002 Films - 005 Noise, 006 Kickball, 007 Luggage, and 008 Dust - and use the accompanying Collection 002 Discussion Guide to facilitate deeper and more meaningful conversations related to the themes found in the films.

Noise | 005 Rob Bell
Why is silence so hard to deal with? We're constantly surrounded with the noise of movies, music, technology, cell phones, and a never-ending barrage of advertisements. If we think that God's not talking to us, perhaps it's just that we can't hear him.
Viewing time: 10 Minutes.

Kickball | 006 Rob Bell
What will really make us happy? We chase after what we think we're missing - a new car, a different job, a thinner body - but these things never really satisfy. Can we learn to trust that God has something even better in mind? Can we learn to wait when answers don't come right away?
Viewing time: 11 Minutes.

Luggage | 007 Rob Bell
God didn't intended for us to carry around the luggage of betrayal, pain, and woundedness. The freedom we long for comes through forgiveness, not revenge. Maybe forgiving isn't something you do for someone else, but what you do for yourself because because it's the only way to be free.
Viewing time: 13 Minutes.

Dust | 008 Rob Bell
It's easy to get discouraged, to feel not good enough. But God sees in each of us the potential to do the right thing, to live with love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and hope. Maybe if we better understood who Jesus was, we'd grasp the fact that God believes in us.d
Viewing time: 14 Minutes.

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