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John Stott B.ST. - Acts

Author: John Stott with Phyllis J. Le Peau
Publisher: IVP
ISBN: 830820310
Pages: 110
Year Printed: 1998
Seeing the Spirit at Work
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The Spirit moved in dramatic fashion in the early church. The gospel was preached, thousands were added to their number, many were healed, and the good news about Jesus was spread across continents. Covering the exciting action of the Spirit in the years just following Jesus' life on earth, this inductive Bible study will help you dig deeply into the riches of Scripture and apply it to your own life.
John Stott is one of the world's leading and most loved Bible teachers and preachers. In this guide you can explore Scripture side by side with him, enhancing your own in-depth study with insights gained from his years of immersion in God's Word.


1.  Waiting for the Spirit
2.  Receiving the Spirit
3.  The Outbreak of Persecution
4.  Satanic Counterattack
5.  Stephen the Martyr
6.  Philip the Evangelist
7.  The Conversion of Saul
8.  The Conversion of Cornelius
9.  Growing Pains
10. Spreading the Word
11. Resolving Conflict
12. Following the Spirit
13. City of Idols
14. Good News Strategy
15. Saying Goodbye
16. Politics & Religion
17. The Gospel on Trial
18. Following God's Lead
Guidelines for Leaders
Discussion Leader's Section
Participant Preparation time: recommend 30 min.
Group Discussion time: 45-75 min.
Difficulty Level: Growing & Maturing Christians
Leader's Guide: Notes included
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.
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