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Simple Life

Authors:  Thom S. Rainer & Art Rainer
Publisher:  LifeWay
ISBN:  9781415868126
Year of Publication:  2009
Pages:  190
Subtitle:  Time Relationships Money God
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keep it simple

Life today is complex. 
Stressful.  Sometimes even chaotic.  If you are like most people, you are overcommitted and underfunded, and your relationships with God and other people suffer.  As you race from your kid's softball practice to your next business appointment, maybe you wonder,

Does life have to be this complicated?

Simple Life offers you a better way.  Based on the author's interviews with more than one thousand people, this study reveals insights into the common struggle to bring balance and order to Life.  Addressing the four key areas of time, relationships, money, and God, Simple Life will help you decide what's really important and will give you a practical action plan for reorganizing your life around your priorities.  By following the steps of clarity, movement, alignment, and focus, you will learn how to live with intentionality and purpose - the simple life.


The Authors

Week 1:  The Simple Revolution

Week 2:  How to Make Your Time Really Count

Week 3:  How to Create and Keep Healthy Relationships

Week 4:  How to Simplify and Build Healthy Finances

Week 5:  How to Get Closer to God

Week 6:  How to Put It All Together

Christian Growth Study Plan

Also Available

Simple Life Leader Kit [
item 005254025] provides resources for the leader of six group sessions:  one member book, one hardcover book, and one DVD that includes a promotional segment and presentations by the authors.

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