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Every Job a Parable

Author: John Van Sloten
Publication: NavPress
ISBN: 9781631465482
Year of Publication: 2017
Subtitle: What Walmart Greeters, Nurses & Astronauts Tell Us About God
First Chapter

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Do You Know How Much Your Work Matters to God?

A Walmart greeter, a nurse, and an astronaut walk into a church.....
They each bring with them their own exhaustion and exasperation, their own uncertainty about how their work matters to God. Good news: All work matters to God because all work reflects some aspect of his character. He created the world so that it runs best when it mirrors him, and you will find the most fulfillment when you recognize God behind your labor.

John Van Sloten leads an innovative investigation of vocation. It's a fascinating journey that illuminates how your work is a parable of God - as you work, you are an icon of grace.

1. All Work Matters:  What a Flyer Delivery Person, A Walmart Greeter, a Forensic Psychologist, and a Residiential Landlord Teach Us about the Value of All Work
2. Imaging God with Your Whole Being:  What Trades and Translators Teach Us about Experiencing God in Every Image-Bearing Moment
3. Leaning into God's Signature Moves: Learning to Recognize His Presence Everywhere
4. Noticing God's Unnoticed Presence:  The Parable of Sanitation Workers
5. The Iconic Nature of Vocational Parables:  How Reversing Your Perspective Changes Your Vocational Point of View
6. God Made All Things (Creation):  How God Speaks through Your Job and the World You Work in
7. Sin Distorts All Things (Fall):  How Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Anger, Sloth, Lust, and Envy Keep Us From Experiencing God at Work
8. God Is Saving All Things (Redemption):  How Naming God's Saving Presence in the World Transforms Our Experience of Work
9. God Will Make All Things New (New Earth):  Experiencing the Vocational Now as a Foretaste of Eternity
10. Stepping into the Story That Is Your Job:  Discerning Your God-Spoken Vocational Life
11. Employing the Gift of Gratitude:  How Thankfulness Opens Your Eyes to God's On-the-Job Presence
12. Slowing Down, Opening Your Eyes, and Seeing:  How Times of Rest Can Fuel and Inform Your Awareness of God at Work
13. Becoming a Vocational Mystic:  Engaging God with All of Your Senses and Listening Past Your Perceptive Biases
14. Trusting That God Will Use Your Work:  Here-and-Now Vocational Hope in a Not-Yet-There World

Here are stories of regular people who are discovering the bubbling ferment of God's Kingdom in their callings and vocations. Read this and be encouraged that the Spirit really is out ahead of us in our work lives and callings.
- Alan Roxburgh, President of The Missional Network.

Filled with startling insights and fascinating characters, Van Sloten's book will help you see that what you do Monday through Friday truly is a sacred calling, one in which God wants to speak to you and to the rest of the world. - Drew Dyck, Senior editor of and author of Yawning at Tigers.

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