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I'd Like You More If You Were More Like Me

Author: John Ortberg
Publisher: Tyndale
ISBN: 9781414379029
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 293
Subtitle: Getting Real About Getting Close
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Everybody wants to be loved. To be celebrated and respected. To be known.
What if creating deeper, more meaningful relationships is easier than you think?

We want people in our lives we can trust, confide in, and turn to when life gets tough - people who not only appreciate our gifts, but who are also fully aware of our flaws and failures, yet want to be with us anyway.

The good news is that a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your spouse, friends, kids, coworkers - even God - is not only attainable, it's what you were made for!

In I'd Like You More If You Were More Like Me, bestselling author John Ortberg shows us how to overcome obstacles and create the kind of deep, meaningful relationships we all crave - with God and with others. You'll larn
  • how to recognize and respond to bids for connection
  • how to get past your fear of intimacy
  • how to sidestep common relationship pitfalls
  • how to make God an active part of your everyday life

Whether you're a man or a woman; whether you're the life of the party or a wallflower; whether you're a thinker or a feeler or a category not yet known to science, you were made for connection.


  1. Are You With Me?
  2. Let's Get This Straight
  3. Born to Bond
  4. Your Bid...
  5. Me, Myself and Lies
  6. The Joy of Jury Duty
  7. We Should All Be Committed
  8. Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Wall
  9. Naked and Unafraid
  10. The Deep Down Dark
  11. This Time It's Personal
  12. Houston, We Have a Problem
  13. Who Will Cry at Your Funeral?
  14. At Last

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