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Getting Real

Author: Ken Bough and Rich Hurst
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831793
Pages: 211
Year Printed:
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You need two things to build a thriving Gen X or Net Gen Ministry � The desire to do it and this book.
GETTING REAL has all the information you need to begin an effective young adult ministry. It offers an essential overview of Gen X and the Net Gen, providing valuable insight into how they think and what they need. Along with real life examples, it presents essential principles that often spell the difference between a healthy ministry and a group that never gets off the ground.
In GETTING REAL, the authors � Baugh, a Gen Xer, and Hurst, a Boomer � write from their own experience with young adults as well as their extensive research and interaction with ministry leaders from the United States and abroad. Their direct, personal style will encourage and guide you through the process of building your own effective ministry.

Chapter 1 � Postmodernism and Young Adults
Chapter 2 � Forces Shaping Postmodern Generations
Chapter 3 � Gen X and Net Gen Subcultures
Chapter 4 � Modern Generations
Chapter 5 � Relational Ministry
Chapter 6 � The Changing Church
Chapter 7 � Biblical Foundations for Leaders
Chapter 8 � The Target
Chapter 9 � Developing Core Teams
Chapter 10 � Environment for Young Adult Ministry
Chapter 11 � Transformational Communities
Chapter 12 � Programs That Work
Chapter 13 � Empowering People
Chapter 14 � Common Questions
Appendix 1 � Transformational Communities Tools
Appendix 2 � Sample Messages
Appendix 3 � Gen X Women, Melissa Fulfer
Appendix 4 � Overview of Metro Ministry, Todd Phillips
Appendix 5 � SHAPE
Appendix 6 � Using Getting Real at a Leadership Retreat
COMMENTS from Readers

Comments from people who have used this material:

“Ken Baugh and Rich Hurst have put their finger on the burning issue for Christians in the 21st Century: successfully communicating to a skeptical world that we are authentic people who bear an authentic message that will change their lives. Ken and Rich challenge us and show us how.”
- Lon Solomon, senior pastor, McLean Bible Church

“Nothing could be more important than reaching our next generation of young adults with the good news of God’s love and forgiveness, available only through Jesus Christ. This book, GETTING REAL, will dramatically increase your understanding of this important strategic group and will greatly help you in reaching them.”
Bill Bright, founder and president, Campus Crusade for Christ International

“Ken Baugh and Rich Hurst understand the complexity of this generation’s needs. They provide an effective and biblical framework for developing them into maturity and leadership.”
John Townsend, Ph.D., psychologist, speaker, and author/coauthor of Boundaries, Safe People, Hiding from Love, Raising Great Kids, and others.

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