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Building Bridges, Not Walls

Building Bridges, Not Walls
Author: Jeff Rosenau
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9781576833940
Pages: 141
Year Printed:
Learning to Dialogue in the Spirit of Christ
We have 2 copies left in stock.  This title is out of print and cannot be re-ordered.

We have 2 copies  left in stock.  This title is out of print and cannot be re-ordered.
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Conflict is a part of life. Whether it is a controversial political issue, a family struggle, or opposing views on religious beliefs, people find strife and disagreement in the home, church, community, and workplace. How can we respond as Christ would to people who disagree with us?

Building Bridges, Not Walls is a practical, biblical workbook that shows you how to respectfullly dialogue with people who hold opposing viewpoints.

Learn how to:
See conflict as an opportunity to mature in Christ
Replace gossip, quarreling, and division with dialogue and unity
Discuss controversial issues effectively
Address racial/ethnic prejudices and religious/political differences
Communicate in ways that honor and glorify God

This workbook will help you "speak the truth in love" and communicate better with those who strongly disagree with you. Embrace God's perspective and gain practical techniques for having a Christlike dialogue with others.

"Conflict is one of the biggest spiritual growth tools in God's toolbox."-Jeff Ronenau


  1.  Three-Way Communication
  2.  Surrendering the Outcome to God
  3.  Worldliness Versus Christlikeness
  4.  The Choice to Obey
  5.  Compelling Love
  6.  Forgiven and Forgiving
  7.  The Mask of Deception
  8.  Grace Before Truth
  9.  Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak
10.  Listening with Love
11.  The Art of Gentle Instruction
12.  Speaking the Truth in Love
Appendix: Group Leader Guidelines
Sources and Permissions
About the Author
COMMENTS from Readers
Book Dimensions: 18.5 x 23 cm.
Comments from people who have used this material:

"The need for biblically-inspired ways to bring reconciliation in a dualistic, compromised society is crucial to developing a strong, godly generation of future leadership in a nation where civility is on the decline. The powerful principles in Building Bridges, Not Walls will accomplish these goals when practiced with humble, loving hearts."
Jean Orr, President, Restoration Ministries International

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