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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Network Way

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Network Way
Author: Bruce Bugbee
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 310257468
Pages: 80
Year Printed: 2005
Assessments for Determining Your Spiritual Gifts
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Find your role in the body of Christ

When you know and use your spiritual gifts, you can participate in the ministry God created for you. It will be fruitful and fulfilling. Serving others will be exciting.

This practical book contains four assessments:
. personal experience
. character traits
. ministry convictions
. other's observations

Together, they will help you identify your spiritual gifts. An additional assessment allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your ministry and whether your ministry employs your gifts.

A valuable tool for small groups, this book gives insight into all of the spiritual gifts, what each one contributes, and how they complement each other. Your church will radiate the power of the risen Christ as every member of the body fulfulls his or her roll. Suitable for individual use also.


Windows to Your Giftedness

Spiritual Gifts Assessments
. Experience Assessment
. Traits Assessment
. Convictions Assessment
. Observation Assessment

Your Spiritual Gifts Summary
Ministry Assessment (Bonus Feature)
Spiritual Gifts Descriptions & Contributions

Appendix: Observation Assessment Forms
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm.
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