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One Minute Bible For Starters

One Minute Bible For Starters
Author: Lawrence Kimbrough
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
ISBN: 805493867
Pages: 208
Year Printed:
A 90 day journey for new Christians
Price: $2.59 ($2.72 incl. TAX)

Whether you're a brand new Christian - or just ready to take it seriously this time - the One Minute Bible For Starters is your best first step toward the life you always wanted.
  • Learn what salvation really costs.
  • Get an idea of the person God can hep you become.
  • Take a broad look at the things Christians believe.
  • Establish the daily disciplines of Christians living.
  • Pinpoint the hazards to watch for along the way.
  • Approach each day with a new way of thinking.
  • Prepare for a life that never ends.

90 daily Scripture readings with a page of devotional commentary and a place to write notes / thoughts.


     1. Time To Make A Change
     2. Building On The Basics
     3. Sizing up The Enemy
     4. A New Way Of Thinking
     5. Sure Signs Of Growth
     6. Nice Things To Know
     7. Stepping Out Faith
     8. Second Line Of Defense
     9. From Here To Eternity
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