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Master Plan of Evangelism

Author: Robert E. Coleman
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 800786246
Pages: 142
Year Printed:
Price$14.99 $15.74 with TAX

THE MASTER PLAN OF EVANGELISM presents a thorough examination of the Gospel accounts, revealing the objective of Christ's ministry and his strategy for carrying it out. Robert E. Colemen focuses on the underlying principles that consistently determined what Jesus' action would be in any given situation. By emulating his pattern, you will be prepared to minister to the specific needs of those God brings into your life. With the help of THE MASTER PLAN OF EVANGELISM, you can be sure that your course of action fits into God's overall plan for the Great Commission. Every Christian who seeks to follow and witness for Jesus Christ should read this significant and relevant book.


Foreword by Billy Graham
Introduction by Paul D. Rees
Preface: The Master and His Plan
  1.  Selection
  2.  Association
  3.  Consecration
  4.  Impartation
  5.  Demonstration
  6.  Delegation
  7.  Supervision
  8.  Reproduction
Epilogue: The Master and Your Plan
Selected Bibliography
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