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Two Ways to Live - Leader's Manual

Author: Matthias Media
Publisher: Matthias Media
ISBN: 1876326611
Pages: 63
Year Printed: 2003 Revised
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Two ways to live: Know and share the gospel is a seven-week training course that teaches Christians:
. to know the gospel thoroughly for themselves;
. to be able to share that gospel naturally, in their own words, with other people

This is the Leader's Manual for the course, and contains:
. an extensive introduction to the course, explaining the rationale behind it, and offering tips for setting up the course in your church or fellowship;
. notes for each session, including the aims of each part, how to lead it, and the key points to be communicated.

As well as this Leader's Manual, leaders also need:
. their own copy of the Participant's Manual (which they use in leading the course);
. the Training Video or DVD (an optional but highly recommended resource, containing extra input for the leader as well as clips to use throughout the course).


Leader's Introduction
Session 1:
About this course
How well do you know the gospel?
Two ways to live in action

Session 2:
Assignment review
How Two ways to live can help you know and share the gospel
Practical training

Session 3:
Assignment review
Knowing the gospel
Understanding the gospel (part 1)

Session 4:
Assignment review
Understanding the gospel (part 2)

Session 5:
Assignment review
Which Way?
Which Way 1: Definite No
Which Way 2: Definite Yes

Session 6:
Assignment review
Which Way 3: Yes, but not yet
Handling common questions
Which Way 4: On the fence
Which Way 5: Already Christian

Session 7:
Lead me to Christ
Following through
Where to from here?
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