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Classic 2:7 Series, Course 3

 Author: Ron Oertli and others
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 08910-91688
Pages: 124
Year Printed:
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The Next Step

You've been growing stronger in your walk with God, and sharpening your basic ministry skills. Now it's time to establish what you've learned, by putting it into practice.

That's what (The Ministering Disicple section) courses 3, 4, and 5 are all about. In Course 3, you'll be digging deeper into the Word, and sharing the fruit of your study with others. You'll also be spending more time with non-Christians, building relationships and learning how to capably field their questions.

The 2:7 Series may well be the most field tested and effectiveness evaluated Bible study and Christian living course available today. Once you finish Course 3, be sure to complete The Ministering Disicple section with Courses 4 and 5.


Session 1: The Ministering Disciple
                 Building Friendships with Non-Christians
                 The Process of Evangelism
                 How to Lead an Effective Bible Study Discussion Group - Part 1
Session 2:  How to Lead an Effective Bible Study Discussion Group - Part 2
                 Bible Study - "The Ministering Disciple"
Session 3:  How to Lead an Effective Bible Study Discussion Group - Part 3
                 How to Use Investigative Bible Studies
Session 4:  Born to Reproduce  by Dawson Trotman
                 Bible Study - "Managing Your Resources"
Session 5:  How to Use a Five-point Application
                 How to Lead 2nd, 3rd and 4th IBS Meetings
Session 6:  Influencing Your Relatives for Christ
                 Bible Study - "Co-laboring with God and Others"
Session 7:  Establishing an IBS Team
Session 8:  Christlikeness  by Jim White
                  Handling Questions Non-Christians Ask
Session 9:   Leading the Last IBS Meeting
Session 10:  Bible Study - "World Vision"
Session 11:  Keep on Growing and Ministering
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