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Right Fit

Right Fit
Author: Ron Oertli
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 965347206
Year Printed:
Price: $21.99 ($23.09 incl. TAX)

Right Fit is an acronym standing for Recognizing Individual Gifts & Human Talents, and Finding Identity Together. It is a dynamic process for helping people discover who they are and where they can fit into a fulfilling ministry.
This eleven week small group course evaluates twenty areas of life under four topics: your past, your present, you, and your motivation. Strengths in these twenty areas make up the "resource package" a person may use in ministry. You will complete 3 assessment projects: Skills and Interests Inventory, Spiritual Gift Definition Exercise, Ministry Personality Profile.
Right Fit will help you find a fulfilling and effective place of ministry.


   1.How to use Right Fit
   2.Use human talents & common interests
      to build friendships
   3.Rejoice! You're a unique package
   4.Collect clues from the past
   5.Recognize your spiritual gifts
   6.Be who you are
      - become who you hope to be
   7.Determine your passion or burden
   8.Describe your personality or temperament
   9.Piece together all your puzzle parts
  10.Find a place to put your oar in the water
  11.Design a one year ministry/application plan
  12.Follow where you map leads

Features: self-assessment exercises,Bible studies,essays, scripture memory,individual and group exercises.

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