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Growing in My Faith - I'm a Christian Now!

Author: Editor Pat Connor
Publisher: LifeWay
ISBN: 9781462740987
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 112
Subtitle: 90-Day Devotional Journal for Kids with Daily Activities
Price$10.75 $11.29 with TAX
Congratulations! By trusting in Jesus as Savior and Lord, you have become a member of God's family. Now that you are a Christian, what's next? You need to grow in your relationship with God. As you grow, you will learn more about who He is and what He has done for you.

This is your personal journal filled with exciting daily devotions, parent talks, and lots of activities to help you learn more about growing in your faith through spiritual disciplines! They will help you answer some of the big questions about faith like:
  • Why Is the Bible Such a Big Deal?
  • How Do I Hear God Speak to Me?
  • How Do I Tell My Friends About Jesus?
You'll have fun learning and growing closer to God at the same time!


How to use your I'm a Christian, Now! Growing in My Faith Journal
A Note to Parents

  1. Week 1 -  God's Plan for Me  (Spiritual Disciplines)
  2. Week 2 -  How Can I Grow?  (Quiet Place)
  3. Week 3 -  Why is the Bible Such a Big Deal?  (Books of the OT)
  4. Week 4 - How Do I Study the Bible?  (Books of the NT)
  5. Week 5 - What About Prayer?  (Prayer Journal)
  6. Week 6 - How Do I Hear God Speak to Me?  (Memorizing Scripture)
  7. Week 7 - Who Is God?  (Names of God/ Hebrew Alphabet)
  8. Week 8 - How Am I Changing?  (The Disciples of Jesus)
  9. Week 9 - What About Worship?  (Parent Page: Leading Your Child to Worship)
  10. Week 10 - What About Serving?  (Spiritual Gifts)
  11. Week 11 - What About Giving?  (Offering Help)
  12. Week 12 - Giving Up Something  (What  Should I Give Up?)
  13. Week 13 - Think About Other People  (What Some People Believe/ What Christians Believe)
  14. Week 14 - Telling Others  (The Gospel: God's Plan for Me)
  15. Week 15 - How Do I Keep Following God's Plan?  (How Does the Bible Help? /Fun Bible Facts/ Weekly Memory Verses)
Worship Notes
What's Next?
Parent Note
Sharing the Gospel
How to Study My Bible
The Gospel: God's Plan for Me
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