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Spiritual Formation Study Guide - Spiritual Journaling

Author: Richard Peace
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831090
Year Printed:1998
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The first step toward growth is noticing.

What are the lifestyle characteristics that distinguish a follower of Jesus from those who share no interest in him? Widespread research suggests that, in our society, there are none.

Why is that? Surely one would expect a follower of history's most influential person to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it relates to the pace of contemporary life. By runninig so fast, we miss the meaning of our actions, and the cultivation our our characters.

Though many of us do try to capture each day's experiences in a journal, few take that practice to the level of a spiritual discipline by using it to explore the work of God in our lives.

In Spiritual Journaling you will learn to recognize the progression from who you have been to who you are meant to become. By taking time to go back and understand the critical elements of your life you will gradually find yourself viewing the future through the lens of conformity to the Way of Jesus.

Whether you choose to explore this new skill with a group of friends (recommended!) or on your own, you'll benefit from the thoughtful exercises presented.


Session 1 - Using a Journal to Capture Your History
Session 2 - Using a Journal to Understand Your Present
Session 3 - Using a Journal to Recover Your Past
Session 4 - Using a Journal to Interact with Your History
Session 5 - Using a Journal to Realize Your Future
Session 6 - Using a Journal to Explore Your Emotional Responses
Session 7 - Using a Journal to Nurture Your Spiritual Life
Session 8 - Using a Journal to Reflect on the Bible
The Art of Journaling
A Select Bibliography
Leader's Notes
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