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What's Your Story

Author: Toben & Joanne Heim
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 1-57683-124-8
Pages: 160
Year of Publication: 1999
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Do your friends know what really matters to you?
Do you know what really matters to them?

Or is it the same old boring routine? Ask a simple question, get a simple answer, and never really get to know the person.

How do you build authentic relationships? Real, personal, intimate relationships? From discussing your favorite things to sharing fears, What�s Your Story? is an interactive guide to bring people together into deeper, more meaningful connections. Join authors Toben and Joanne Heim and others as they converse about their stories- their past, present, future, values and opinions, and faith. Follow their stories through essays, or record your own story on the journal pages. Break out of the traditional mode of conversation at parties or gatherings and get to deeper issues. Deepen your relationships as you talk about- and listen to- the things that really matter.


First Thoughts- What�s Your Story?

Part One
Where I Came From- Stories About the Past

Part Two
Where I Am- Stories About the Present

Part Three
Where I�m Going- Stories About the Future

Part Four
What I Think- Stories About Values and Opinions

Part Five
What I Believe- Stories About Faith

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What's Your Story
$8.39 with TAX
You Save$8.00