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Power of Commitment

Author: Jerry White
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 891099859
Pages: 172
Year Printed:
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Commitments that make a difference

We want our lives to be successful and to count for something. but commitment is difficult to maintain in a society that endorses upgrading to the newer and better model - from cars and electronics to friendships and even spouses. Yet only when we stand by our commitments can we make a real difference in our world.

THE POWER OF COMMITMENT offers sound biblical counsel for making lasting commitments in your spiritual life, personal disciplines, and relationships. You'll discover how tomake realistic commitments and how to distinguish short-term commitments from lifelong ones. And you'll learn how to defeat the enemies of commitment and say no to unneccessary commitments - without feeling guilty.

If you want your life to make a difference, THE POWER OF COMMITMENT will strengthen your ability to commit to what is truly important, giving you the freedom and power to make an extraordinary impact on the world.


Part ONE - The Basics of Commitment
 1. The Uncommitted Society
 2. Biblical Commitment
 3. Commitment and Lordship
 5. The Cost of Commitment
Part TWO - Commitment in Your Personal Life
 6. Commitment in Your Spiritual Walk
 7. Commitment, Materialism, and Success
 8. Commitment of Your Free Time and Personal Privacy
 9. Commitment and Personal Discipline
Part THREE - Commitment in Your Relationships
10. Commitment and Accountability
11. Commitment and Your Marriage
12. Commitment and Your Children
13. Commitment to Leadership and Authority
14. Commitment and Your MinistryM
15. Commitment and Your Church
Part FOUR - The Practice of Commitment
16. Commitment to a Vision, a Calling, and the World
17. Commitment and Spiritual Maturity
18. Backing Out of Commitments
19. Aberrations of Commitment
20. How to Make Realistic Commitments
21. Enemies of Commitment
22. A Step Beyond
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