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Disciples Are Made Not Born

Author: Walter A. Henrichsen
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9780781438834
Pages: 154
Year Printed:
Price$20.79 $21.83 with TAX

Are You Tired of Comfortable Christianity?

Disciples. Most Christians know little other than Christ had twelve of them and that He commissioned these men to make disciples of all nations. But just what is a 20th-century disciple and how do you go about becoming one?

Walt Henrichsen not only describes a modern disciple but explains how to make disciples of others. It's a process that begins with sharing the Good News of the Gospel and doesn't end until you've shared your life so completely with another person that he is fully committed to similar spiritual service.

Discipleship is real sacrifice, but the reward is great - the satisfaciton of knowing you have followed obediently in the footsteps of the Disciple-Maker Himself, Jesus Christ.


 1. The Kind of Person God Uses

 2. Jesus as Lord

 3. The Cost of Discipleship

 4. A Proper View of God and Man

 5. Evangelism and the Disciple

 6. Recruiting a Prospective Disciple

 7. How to Train a Disciple - Follow-Up

 8. How to Train a Disicple - Imparting the Basics

 9. How to Train a Disciple - Conviction and Perspective

10. How to Train a Disciple - Gifts and Calling

11. Multiplying Your Efforts

12. Choosing a Life Objective

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