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Love Walked Among Us

Author: Paul E. Miller
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832400
Pages: 268
Year Printed:
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Who Is Jesus?

His name is recognized the world over. Christians claim to follow him. Muslims honor him as a prophet. And many Jewish rabbis regard him as a great teacher. Evryone knows about Jesus, but how many of us fully understand what he was like as a person?

Nowhere was the vitality of Jesus more visible than in his love, a love unlike any the world has ever seen. Compassionate, honest, powerful, humble, and sacrificial. Jesus was love personified, love walking among us. Such an example doesn't just happen. How did he do it? And how can we learn to love like him?

In LOVE WALKED AMONG US, Paul Miller invites us to get to know Jesus, to observe his life and his love as they unfold in the gospel narratives. THe accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, combined with Miller's own life stories, will encourage us to imitate Jesus' way of loving people. We'll investigate such questions as:
How do you love someone when you get no love in return, only withdrawal or ingratitude?
How do you love without being trapped or used by another person?
How do yoy love when you have your own problems? When do you take care of yourself?

In every way, Jesus' life exemplifies the full potential of what we were intended to be. And the better we know him, the more we will be drawn to follow his perfect example.


Introduction: Who Is Jesus?

Part 1. Love Shows Compassion
1. A Mind Full of Someone Else
       Love Looks and Acts
2. Looking Shapes the Heart
       Learning How to See People
3. "I know What's Best for You"
       Judging Blocks Compassion
4. "I'm Better Than You"
       Self-Righteousness Blocks Compassion
5. "This Is What You Should Do"
       Legalism Blocks Compassion
6. The Golden Rule
       Incarnation Leads to Compassion

Part 2. Love Speaks the Truth
7. A Time to Speak Up
       Balancing Compassion with Honesty
8. Honest Anger
       A Compassionate Warning to Others
9. A Time To Shut Up
       Balancing Honesty With Compassion
10. "I know How Hard It Is; I Do the Same Thing"
       Being Honest Without Being Judgmental

Part 3. Love Depends on God
11. The Secret To Love
       Dependence On God
12. Saying "No" to Someone You Love
       Compassionately Responding to Demands
13. Saying "No" to Self-Gratification
       Love That Is Pure
14. Saying "Yes" to Gentle Intrusion
       Love Brings Light Into Darkness

Part 4. Love Is Energized by Faith
15. Faith Empowers Love
       Where Can I Find the Energy to Love?
16. Faith Means Losing Control
       Going to God with Our Needs
17. The Intimate Stranger
       Weaving a Fabric of Love
18. Oneness
       Love Leads to Intimacy

Part 5. Love Moves Through Death Into Life
19. The Way of Humility
       Love Takes The Lower Place
20. Facing Sadness
       When Love Leads to Grief
21. A Symphony of Love
       Love Under Pressure
22. His LIfe For Ours
       The Cost of Love
23. The Birth of Hope
       The End of Love's Journey
24. Openin

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