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To Yield With All Your Soul

Author: Fran Sciacca
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831502
Year Printed:

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What in the world is God up to?

It's a good question we all sometimes ask, especially in times of discouragement, suffereing, and sorrow?when it's not easy to see God's involvement in our lives.

Yet, His has is always there, enlisting every circumstance, relationship, event, and choice we make to help transform us to the image of Jesus, His Son. "And like the artisans of old," writes Fran Sciacca, "God's methods neccessitate pain, the removal of what we cling to, and great amounts of time and patience."

In To Yield With All Your Soul, you'll see how God shaped the lives of a variety of biblical figures. And, by watching how God shaped their lives, you'll gain a more complete understanding of:
- How He personally shapes you using the circumstances and people in your life
- The roles you and the Holy Spirit have in transformation
- The ways in which the world, your flesh, and Satan work against the process

Ideal for personal or small group study, To Yield With All Your Soul will help you discern and embrace what God is doing in your life. And while the process may prove difficult and painful, it is the only pathway to spiritual growth of the most profound kind.


1. The Believers At Rome
     The Work of God
2. The Holy Spirit
     The "Senior Partner"
3. Demas
     The Face in the Mirror
4. Satan
     Unmasking the Opposition
5. Samson
     Deserved Suffering: An Unlikely Tool
6. The Church in Thessalonica?
     The Purifying Fire of Persecutoin
7. Two On The Road
     Disappointment: God's Winnowing Fork
8. Naomi and Ruth
     The Unexpected Sorrows of Life
9. Gideon
     Cracked Pots
10. Peter and Paul
     Iron Sharpening Iron
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