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Compact Guide To The Christian Life

Author: Karen Lee-Thorpe
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832530
Year Printed:
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Little Book -- Big Idea
A COMPACT GUIDE TO THE CHRISTIAN LIFE is an instant source of information on the Christian Faith and how it applies to life in the modern world. By providing highly relevant, concise explanations of how Christianity works in practice, this compact guide will give you immediate access to information otherwise buried in lengthy commentaries and reference books. Over 100 topics are covered, including -- Prayer, The Bible, Important Doctrines, God's Will, Emotions, Friendships, Sex, Dating, Children, Money, Work, The Christian in Society -- and many more.


    1. Knowing The King - Discovering the Character of God
    2. Learning about Prayer
    3. Having an Effective Quiet Time
    4. Resisting Temptation
    5. Depending on God
    6. Knowing the Faith - Discovering Gods' Will
    7. Getting the Most from the Bible
    8. Developing a Christian Worldview
    9. Defining Important Christian Terms
  10. Having Assurance in Christ
  11. The Body of Christ - Having Fellowship with other         Believers
  12. Starting a Small Group
  13. Life in the World - Discerning God's Will
  14. Making Moral Decisions
  15. Dealing with Emotions
  16. Coping with Suffering
  17. Relating to Others
  18. Forming Good Friendships
  19. Thinking about Dating
  20. Staying Sexually Pure
  21. Honoring God in Marriage
  22. Rearing Children
  23. Managing Your Money
  24. Balancing Work and Rest
  25. Being a Christian in Society
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