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InterActions - Authenticity

Author: Bill Hybells with Kevin & Sherry Harney
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 310265886
Year Printed:
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Discover the joys of authentic Christianity

God wants you to enjoy close relationships with other believers and Himself. Relationships that are honest and open, where you can share your successes and failures and remain confident of being loved. Deep, rich relationships based on an authentic Christian life.

Authenticity helps you identify and trappings of Christianity and trade them for a vibrant faith that integrates Christian values into your everyday life. You'll learn how to identify the inconsistent areas of your life, discover proven ways to align them with the teachings of the Bible, and find a new joy that comes from growing closer to God.


Introduction: Being Honest with God and Others

  1. A New Dimension in Spirituality
  2. Truth Telling; The Pathway to Authentic Relationships
  3. Honest Emotions
  4. Unstereotyping Evangelism
  5. Work: Turning Drudgery into Fulfillment
  6. The Seduction of Money
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InterActions - Authenticity
$8.39 with TAX
You Save$2.00 (20%)