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Meeting The Mentoring Challenge

Author: Don Lawrie
Publisher: Nav Resource Centre
ISBN: 1550567721
Year Printed:
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Don Lawrie has been with The Navigators over 35 years. He began by pioneering university ministries in Western Canada. He then led The Navigator ministries in Eastern Canada and Newfoundland, and later presided over The Navigators of Canada, serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors for 13 years. Don introduced The Navigator 2:7 Discipleship Series to churches across the country. Currently he directs the organizations's Business and Professional Ministry in Vancouver, BC.

I had the privilege of being mentored by Don in the ministry of The Navigators at the University of Alberta. This laid a solid spiritual foundation in my life for my future ministry as a missionary to national Christian leaders of Central Africa.

Meeting the Mentoring Challenge manual is a user friendly discipling tool. It can be used in a number of different contexts. It is an excellent tool for a)small group mentoring teams whether it is a mixed group (men & women), men's group or women's group. b)One on one mentoring and c) a purposeful discipling tool

Older youth, especially those with leadership potential, will find it faith building and challenging. It will effectively generate lay leadership and labourers for the ministry of the church. The five areas of Spiritual Life can be taught from the pulpit to reinforce the mentoring teams.


    1. Foundations in God
    2. Foundations in the Bible
    3. The Common Adventures of Life
    4. The Significant Adventures of Life
    5. Ingredients for Motivation
NoteI have been meeting with Don weekly for a number of years and have gleaned special insights into God's Word that have helped me in my ministry to business executives worldwide (Ed Becker, President, Econotech Laboratories).
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