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Power Of Personal Prayer

Author: Jonathan Graf
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832752
Pages: 189
Year Printed:
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God intends for every believer to have a great prayer life, but few do. Although we may pray fervently when we face a crisis, many of us find it awkward - even impossible - to have a meaningful prayer life at other times.
In an easy-to-understand and encouraging manner, Jonathan Graf presents the keys to a dynamic prayer life. He teaches the foundational truths of what prayer is and how essential it is in our relationship with God. He tackles tough questions about different types of prayer and when to use them. He offers practical tips on how to pray more effectively.

Whether you're a new believer or one who has struggled with prayer for years, this book will help you grow in your prayer life. Through his knowledge of the Scriptures and his broad experience in the subject of prayer, Jonathan Graf will disciple you in the practice of prayer. He will help you experience more of God through prayer - the believer's lifeline to God's heart.


  Section 1:The Foundations of Prayer
     1.What Is Prayer?
     2.How Do I Pray?
     3.Where Do I Pray?
     4.To Whom Do I Pray?
  Section 2:The Types of Prayer
     5.The Prayer of Petition
     6.The Prayer of Intercession
     7.Hearing God's Voice
     8.Prayers of Adoration and Thanksgiving
     9.Spiritual Warfare Prayer
  Section 3:More Effective Prayer
   10.Praying Scripture
   11.Kingdom-Focused Prayer
   12.Finding Your Prayer Style
   13.Prayer and God's Will
   14.Prayer Promises
   15.Hindrances to Prayer
   16.Persevering Prayer
   17.Emotions and Prayer
   18.Fasting and Praye
   19. The Prayer of Faith - the Key to It All
NoteTHE POWER OF PERSONAL PRAYER is full of little and big bites of prayer advice. Learn them one by one. Practice them. Then stand back in awe as you see the incredible prayer life you have longed for develop amazingly before your very eyes!"
Evelyn Christenson, St. Paul, Minnesota
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