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Her Name Is Woman - Book One

Author: Gien Karssen
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891094203
Pages: 237
Year Printed:
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The Fascinating Lives of Biblical Women.

They are business women like Lydia, spiritual leaders like Priscilla, or honored wives and mothers like Sarah. They are as young as the Virgin Mary or as wise and old as the aging widow Anna in the temple. They are esteemed in leadership like Miriam or shunned and disrespected like the woman at the well. They are as searching as the Queen of Sheba or as rich as the widow who gave away her last cent.

In this bestseller, Gien Karssen helps make 24 women of the Bible come alive. For each of these women, she asks, "What place did God have in her life?" Each answer will motivate you to live your own life whole-heartedly for God. Every woman today-married or single, happy or brokenhearted, secure or shaken-will find at least one of these biblical women to be surprisingly like herself. Eve, Esther, Elizabeth, and all the others step off the Bible's pages to become, as the author writes, "real people, living and speaking..."

Each chapter also includes relevant Scripture passages and the Bible study questions that have made Her Name is Woman a favorite guide for Bible studies and small groups.


     1. Eve, the mother of all living
     2. Sarah, the princess whose name is recorded with
     3. Rebekah, a woman with great potential, yet...
     4. Potiphar's wife, a woman swayed by sex
     5. Miriam, a leader who overestimated herself
     6. Rahab, a harlot in the gallery of the heroes of faith
     7. Penninah, a woman conquered by jealousy
     8. Hannah, a woman who believed in prayer
     9. The Queen of Sheba, a woman who desired to be
   10. The widow of Zerephath, a woman who accepted the
         challenge of faith
   11. The Shunammite, a creative thinker
   12. The Jewish Maid, a girl who talked about God
   13. Esther, a queen who risked her life for her people
   14. Job's wife, a woman who said no to God
   15. Mary, the most privileged among women
   16. Elizabeth, strong of character and a good
   17. Anna, A woman who wasn't destroyed by a broken
   18. A widow who knew how to handle money
   19. Martha of Bethany, a woman who gave priority to
         secondary matters
   20.Mary of Bethany, a woman with insight to choose
         the best
   21. The Samaritan, a woman who said yes to Jesus
   22. Dorcas, a woman who loved God
   23. Lydia, a business woman who gave God first place
   24. Priscilla, a valued co-worker in preaching the
Note"Although there are many studies about women in the Bible, I have never read one more practical." Corrie Ten Boom
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Her Name Is Woman - Book One
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