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Her Name Is Woman - Book Two

Author: Gien Karssen
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891094241
Pages: 199
Year Printed:
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More Fascinating Women From The Bible

Continuing the practical, insightful discoveries from the best-selling first volume of Her Name Is Woman, Gien Karssen adds the stories of 25 more women from the pages of Scripture to Her Name Is Woman, Book 2. Deborah, Delilah, Ruth, Bathsheba, Jezebel, Mary Magdelene- these and many others become surprisingly real and relevant as you step closer to their hearts and live. Some were successful and some failed- just like women today. What caused their successes, heartaches, joys, and failures? This volume explores the practical truth surrounding each of these biblical women.

Both volumes of Her Name Is Woman are for "every woman who seeks the deeper meaning of her existence", writes Karssen. Each of the 49 cameos contained in the two volumes will help you understand and fulfill your deepest desires and ideals.


Old Testament
     1. Hagar, whose extreme need was met by Jesus Christ
     2. Lot's wife, who did not take the Grace of God seriously
     3. Rachel, attractive on the outside, disappointing on the inside
     4. Leah, a woman whose unhappy marriage became God's blessing to humanity
     5. Dinah, a girl whose curiosity led to crime and mourning
     6. Tamar, a neglected woman who vindicated her rights
     7. Jochebed, a woman who learned to consider sorrow a friend
     8. Deborah, a leader of a nation who was inspired by faith
     9. Delilah, woman who deliberately ruined a spiritual leader
   10. Naomi, a widow who cared about the well-being of others
   11. Orpah, who sank into oblivion because of a wrong decision
   12. Ruth, a woman characterized by loyalty
   13. Michal, a woman whose marriage lacked unity and fell apart
   14. Abigail, a woman who watched over the conscience of a servant of God
   15. Bathsheba, a woman who did not prevent a god-fearing man from insulting his God
   16. Jezebel, who forgot that no one can trifle with God
   17. Huldah, a woman who helped lead an apostate nation back to God

New Testament
   18. Herodias, a woman who degraded herself through revenge and murder
   19. Salome, a mother who thought to ask the best for her children
   20. Mary Magdalene, a woman who led the way in following Christ
   21. Sapphira, for whom listening to Satan resulted in death
   22. Mary of Jerusalem, Whose home functioned as the house of God
   23. Phoebe, a single woman who possessed the antidote to loneliness

NoteThis is a great study that focuses women on how to seek a Godly life in spite of our circumstances. Very relevant to women. Moderately difficult to do.
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Her Name Is Woman - Book Two
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