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Faith Has Its Reasons

Author: Kenneth D. Boa and Robert M. Bowman JR.
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831434
Pages: 607
Year Printed:
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Are you ready to defend your faith
Ever since the apostle Paul addressed the Stoic and Epicurean philosophers in Athens, relating the Christian world view to non-Christian world has been a challenge. And despite Peter�s challenge to be �ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you � (1Peter 3:15), most Christian lay people have left apologetics - the defense of the faith - to the ecclesiastical �pros�.
Even after twenty centuries of accumulated experience, many still feel unprepared to offer a coherent defense of their faith to those who question it, attack it, or just want to know more about it. It doesn�t have to be that way.

Kenneth Boa and Robert Bowman have assembled a wealth of information about what Christians believe and how to present that faith to an unbelieving world. Remarkable both in its depth of content and ease of accessibility, FAITH HAS ITS REASONS gives Christian laypeople the tools to address such critical questions as:
-Why is belief in God rational despite the prevalence of evil in the world?
-What facts support the church�s testimony that Jesus rose from the dead?
-Can we be certain Christianity is true?
-How can our faith in Christ be based on something more secure than our own understanding without descending into an irrational emotionalism?

Part 1: What Is Apologetics?
    1.Defining apologetics
    2.A brief history of apologetics
    3.Issues and methods in apologetics

Part 2: Apologetics As Proof
    4.Apologists who emphasize reason
    5.Classical apologetics: A reasonable faith
    6.Proving the Christian worldview
    7.Apologetics and the limits of reason

Part 3: Apologists As Defense
    8.Apologists who emphasize facts
    9.Evidentialist Apologetics: Faith founded on fact
  10.Presenting evidence that demands a verdict
  11.Apologetics and interpretation of fact

Part 4: Apologetics As Offense
  12.Apologists who emphasize revelation
  13.Reformed apologetics: Christianity in conflict
  14.Taking every though captive
  15.Apologetics and the authority of revelation

Part 5: Apologetics As Persuasion
  16.Fideist Apologetics: Reasons of the heart
  17.Calling people to encounter God in Jesus Christ
  18.Apologetics and the subjectivity of faith

Part 6: An Integrative Approace
  19.Apologists who favor integration
  20.Contending for the faith: Apologetics and human
  21.Reasons for hope: Integrating diverse argument in
  22.Speaking the truth in love: Perspectives on
Appendix A: Categorizing Apologetic Methods
Appendix B: Apologetics Web Sites
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Faith Has Its Reasons
$31.07 with TAX
You Save$7.40 (20%)