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8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders

Author: Dave Earley
Publisher: Touch Publications
ISBN: 1880828340
Pages: 137
Year Printed:
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Are you an effective small/cell group leader?
You can be. After years of leading and overseeing the growth of small groups, Pastor Dave Earley has identified the habits that will transform your leadership. When you practice these habits, your group will move from a weekly meeting to an exciting experience. The habits include: Dream/Prepare/Pray/Mentor/Invite/Fellowship/Contact/Grow.
Knowing about these habits is not enough. With the "how-to" steps and an implementation guide at the end of each chapter, you will discover how to make each of the habits a part of your life.


Part One: The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Group Leaders.
  1. DREAM: Dream of Leading a Healthy, Growing, Multiplying Group
  2. PRAY: Pray for Group Members Daily
  3. INVITE: Invite New People to Visit the Group Weekly
  4. CONTACT: Contact Group Members Regularly
  5. PREPARE: Prepare for the Group Meeting
  6. MENTOR: Mentor an Apprentice Leader
  7. FELLOWSHIP: Plan Group Fellowship Activities
  8. GROW: Be Committed to Personal Growth
  9. Putting It All Together
Part Two: The Eight Habits Of Effective Churches
  1. The Eight Habits for Leaders of Leaders
  2. How to Become an "Eight Habits" Church
Extra Worksheets
End Notes
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