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Growth Groups Manual

Author: Colin Marshall
Publisher: Matthias Media
ISBN: 1875245405
Pages: 176
Year Printed:
Price$14.50 $15.23 with TAX

This course is all about how to lead a Growth Group. A Growth Group is a place where Christians can grow. It is also a aatalyst for the growth of the gospel. If you want to lead fellow believers toward Christian maturity and together reach others for Christ, this training is for you.

To use this course most effectively, the authors recommend that a minimum on one hour be allocated for the discussion time, and also suggest preparation by participants to fully cover all the material.


Training Topics
1.  The strategy of Growth groups
2.  Growth Group basics
3.  Pitfalls for Growth Groups
4.  Preparing a Bible study
5.  Leading a Bible study
6.  Answers about questions
7.  The games people play
8.  Praying in Growth groups
9.  Gospel growth through Growth Groups
10. Leading for growth
11. Growing the individuals
12. The healthy Growth Group
13. Starting a Growth Group
14. Selecting, training and shepherding leaders
15. Developing the Growth Group program
Sessions 1 - 10
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