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Patchwork Heart

Author: Kim Moore and Pam Mellskog
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832721
Pages: 180
Year Printed:
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Expand the borders of your heart.
How's your heart? Is it smooth and well protected, showing no signs of extravagant love and compassion? Or is it beautifully bruised and scarred from being shared with others?

Years ago, author Kim Moore prayed that God would expand the borders of her heart so she could see needy people the way Jesus sees them. God has answered that prayer in some unexpected and profound ways that she shares in A PATCHWORK HEART. As you read it, you will be deepy moved by Kim's spiritual journey toward godly compassion for others. You will also learn how to be compassionate by gaining spiritual listening skills and realizing the power of unhurried time with God, the secret of forgiveness, and the discipline of patience.

What would happen in your home, neighborhood, community, and country if you obeyed God in loving the unlovely?


Introduction: A Parable
1.  Your Poor Choices Are Not My Problem
2.  Switching Places
3.  Compassion's Hall of Fame
4.  Tuning Your Ears
5.  Obedience
6.  Compassion Squelchers
7.  Faith Adventures
8.  Being a Grace-Giver
9.  Letting God Orchestrate
10. When to Bail
Conclusion: Compassion's Legacy
Bible Study
Note"A PATCHWORK HEART is stitched with love, colored with humor, and wrapped in God's truth."
Patsy Calirmont, speaker, Women of Faith; author, MENDING YOUR HEART IN A BROKEN WORLD
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