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To Serve With All Your Strength

Author: Fran Sciacca
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831496
Year Printed:

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Are You Authentically Christian?
As a Christian you're supposed to be different. But what distinguishes you as a Christian? What do people notice more: the Christian bumper sticker on your car or the ever-growing character of Christ in your life? Becoming an authentic Christian is a lifelong process called sanctification- a process in which a believer cooperates with the indwelling Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus.

Fran Sciacca will help you take a closer look at 10 attributes of someone growing in authentic spiritual maturity. Discover how to use God's Word to examine yourself and shed light on the obstacles to your spiritual growth. And learn how to overcome these obstacles to growth as you examine what the Bible has to say about critical issues such as:
  The true measure of success
  Ministry as a lifestyle
  The reality of a "watched life"
  The sanctified mouth
  The power of commitment
  Ministering to the "least of these"

As you explore what an authentic Christian really looks like, you'll also learn what it takes to effect the kind of genuine inner change that enables you to serve God with all your strength.


1.  Nicodemus - Spiritual Birth: End or Means
2.  Solomon - Changing One's Mind
3.  The Unnamed Man - How You Spell "Success"?
4.  Aquila and Priscilla - Ministry as a Lifestyle
5.  Titus - The Reality of the "Watched Life"
6.  Job - The Sanctified Mouth
7.  Rehoboam - Two Models of Leadership
8.  The Unjust Steward - Dollars and Sense
9.  Paul - The Power of Contentment
10.The Good Samaritan - Ministering to the "Least of
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