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To Walk and Not Grow Weary

Author: Fran Sciacca
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891090342
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Has life left you feeling out of breath, drained, unable to be the person that by God's grace you've set your sights on? Take heart! Scripture shows us through 12 men and women of god who have gone through the same depressing circumstances that plague us today.


  1. Elijah: Changing our schedule
  2. Moses: Learning to let go
  3. Jonah: Regression of pride
  4. Job: When the lights go out
  5. David: Dealing with guilt
  6. Solomon: Fruits of materialism
  7. Paul: Depression as a tool in God's hand
  8. Asaph: Looking to the world
  9. Jeremiah: Searching for success
  10. Israel: Myth of nostalgia
  11. Jesus: How to handle rejection
  12. Barnabas: Encouraging others
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To Walk and Not Grow Weary
$11.76 with TAX
You Save$2.80