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To Stand and Not Be Moved

Author: Fran Sciacca
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891099895
Year Printed:
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Has life left you feeling out of breath, drained,unable to be the person that by God's grace you've set your sights on? Take heart! Scripture shows us through 12 men and women of god who have gone through the same depressing circumstances that plague us today.


   1.  Eve: Necessity of a grateful heart
   2.  Ezra: Knowing God means knowing His book
   3.  Abraham: Are you a stranger or a tourist?
   4.  Esther: Seeing your life as a means , not an end
   5.  Esau: Ignoring God - the subtle deception
   6.  Woman at the well: Life-to-life ministry
   7.  Jonathan: Freindship, with God at the centre
   8.  Martha: Being true to your priorities
   9.  Nathan: Speaking the difficult truth in love
  10. Paul: Sensitivity to your own conscience
  11. Joseph: Dealing with sexual temptation
  12. Daniel: Staying true when it matters most
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To Stand and Not Be Moved
$11.76 with TAX
You Save$2.80