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Discipleship Journal Bible Study - Prayer

Author: Michael M. Smith
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831656
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Is Your Prayer Life All You Want It To Be?
We know that prayer is communication with God. But most of us want more. We don�t just want to communicate with God- we want communion with God. We don�t want better prayer techniques- we want passion in our prayer lives. We want intimacy.
In this study you�ll look at some of the best Discipleship Journal articles on the topic of prayer, and examine Scripture passages that will help you develop and nurture a passionate prayer life. As you study and engage in the related practical exercises, you�ll learn:
- The proper focus and attitude in prayer
- The role of confession in developing intimacy with God
- How to avoid distractions and persist in prayer
- Common mistakes in how we approach God
- How to handle the dilemma of unanswered prayer
- The worldwide impact of prayer
- The role of listening in prayer, and more.


   Session 1. Prayer with a Attitude
   Session 2. Confession: The First Step Toward
            Intima cy with God
   Session 3. Persistence in Prayer
   Session 4. A Lighter Look at Prayer
   Session 5. Unanswered Prayer
   Session 6. Being Honest in Prayer
   Session 7. Global Impact Through Prayer
   Session 8. Learning to Listen to God
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