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Guide Book - Wisdom at Work

Author: Kenneth Boa & Gail Burnett
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576831975
Pages: 144
Year Printed:

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Does your work hold meaning and purpose?

People spend their whole lives working, yet many have never taken the time to think through the meaning of work in their lives. Society promotes an expectation that work should satisfy our deepest desires for meaning and purpose, and even measures us by our workplace achievements. But what does the Bible say?

Some of us do find fulfillment in our jobs, but others resent the time we spend just making ends meet. In Wisdom at Work, Kenneth Boa and Gail Burnett will help you take a fresh look- through the lens of God?s Word- at what work is all about, and why the way we view it matters to us and God. With this ?God?s-eye? view of work, your workplace can become an arena for personal growth and a means to return glory to the God of work, in Whose image we were created.


1. Work- Is it Pleasure or Pain?
   - What Is Work? (Part One)
   - What Is Work? (Part Two)
   - Work as God Intended It
   - The Curse and the Nature of Work
   - Hope for Redeeming Our Work

2. Choosing Our Work
   - Is Work Optional?
   - Career: Choice or Calling?
   - Career: Secular or Spiritual?
   - Does Money Matter?
   - What Is Our Spiritual Calling?

3. Work and Identity
   - Seeking Significance in Giftedness
   - Seeking Significance in Education
   - Seeking Significance in Profession
   - Seeking Significance in Power
   - Finding Significance in Service

4. Work and Wealth
   - Work and Profit
   - Work and Prosperity
   - Work and Provision
   - Work and Wages
   - Work and Abundance

5. Work and Character
   - Attributes of God?s Employees
   - Attitudes of God?s Employees
   - Mentoring God?s Employees
   - Human Relations and God?s Employees
   - Spiritual Riches of God?s Employees

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Guide Book - Wisdom at Work
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