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So Many Questions

Author: Simon Roberts and Tony Payne
Publisher: Matthias Media
ISBN: 1876326352
Year Printed:
Price$6.50 $6.83 with TAX
Find out how to answer these common questions by using this workbook, and its accompanying video.
In a series of short 20 minute sessions, So Many Questions will take you through each of these common questions, helping you to work out what to say, and providing an �expert� answer from which to learn. Plus you�ll learn the basic principles that govern all answers.
When was the last time you were asked one of these?

1. How do I know God exists in the first place?
2. Is the New Testament story about Jesus reliable?
3. Wasn�t Jesus just another great religious teacher?
4. Did Jesus really come back from the dead?
5. Hasn�t Science disproved Christianity?
6. How do we account for all the suffering in the world?
7. Does �faith� mean believing things we can�t accept?
8. What about miracles � can miracles actually happen?
9. What about those people who have never heard about Jesus?
10. What about other religions: are they all true?
11. Aren�t all people basically good?
12. Can we just be good enough to please God?
13. Do you have to go to church to be a Christian?
14. Could it be said that the Bible is sexist?
15. What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
16. Isn�t Christianity responsible for a great deal of the environmental disaster in our world?
17. Aren�t Christians just hypocrites?

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