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Design 4 Discovery

Author: Ron Bennett
Publisher: Navpress
Year Printed:
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Design 4 Discovery (D4D) is a user-friendly - seeker oriented method to help God's people guide others in discovering foundational truths for themselves; truths that can lead to personal faith in Jesus Christ.
It creates a nonthreatening environment to help a person answer four critical questions:
Who is Jesus Christ?
What does He say about putting life together?
What are the implications for me?
How will I respond?

D4D is Christ centred as it guides the discovery of truth through the gospel of Luke. Twenty selected events in the life of Christ provide the basis for discovery. You select the passages that best fit your audience. The Biblical text and discussion questions are contained on a single sheet of paper that is easily reproducible in a format that allows for discussion and discovery. D4D can be used with a group or an individual.

Part One: The Challenge
    1.Wanted: Mountain climbers
    2.Building on a solid foundation
    3.Jesus and the people of His generation
    4.Reaching people where they are
    5.Learning through illustration

Part Two: The Discovery

Discovery Guides
Study Guides
Appendix: Basic laws of spiritual economics
Spiritual journey
Bridge illustration
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Design 4 Discovery
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