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From Father To Son

Author: Chap Clark
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832943
Pages: 191
Year Printed:
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Walk beside your son in the lifelong journey ofDiscipleship.
Do you have a desire to lead your son into a deep, lifelong relationship with Christ?
Do you feel unworthy or unprepared for the task?
Chap Clark wrote FROM FATHER TO SON to encourage dads and give them ideas of how toraise their sons to spiritual maturity. He shares the marks of a disciple to show dads what to aimfor, the goals of discipleship to help dads and sons maintain focus, and ways fathers can pass theirfaith on to their sons.
Dads will learn how to: Encourage uniqueness, Avoid the �Do Nots�, Comfort disappointment,Motivate growth, And much more!
Helping your son grow in his faith is the most important task of a father. And so Chap Clarkinvites you to �read this book with eyes wide open to what God would have for you and yourson. Pray as you go. Find a few guys to walk together with as you deal with the issues I bring up.And most of all, be encouraged.�

CHAPTER 1 � The Task of Discipleship
CHAPTER 2 � The Marks of a Disciple: A Lover
CHAPTER 3 � The Marks of a Disciple; A Relater
CHAPTER 4 � The Marks of a Disciple: A Trustee
CHAPTER 5 � The Marks of a Disciple; A Follower
CHAPTER 6 � Goal 1: To Live from the Inside Out
CHAPTER 7 � Goal 2: To Love as Jesus Loved
CHAPTER 8 � Goal 3: To See Life as a Journey
CHAPTER 9 � Goal 4: To See Life as A Grand
CHAPTER 10 � Encouraging Uniqueness:
      Helping Him to Become His Own Man
CHAPTER 11 � Avoiding the �Do Nots�
CHAPTER 12 � A Father�s Ultimate Calling to Love His
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