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Glorious Pursuit

Author: Gary L. Thomas
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576830529
Pages: 183
Year Printed:
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Do you want to experience Christ in new ways but feel frustrated when nothing seems to work?
Are you discouraged by those areas of your life that never change because that�s just the way you are?
Do you feel like you�re not the person you were meant to be?
If you answered yes to any of these questions and want to find true fulfillment, THE GLORIOUS PURSUIT can help. By examining the virtues of Christ, you�ll be introduced to a new way of experiencing Christ that is authentic and gives meaning that lasts.

�When we practice the virtues of Christ,� says Gary Thomas, �we become who God created us to be and experience Christ in a whole new way.�
THE GLORIOUS PURSUIT examines how we can experience the long-term change that comes from following Jesus and reveal Him in our behavior toward others.
Experiencing Christ is possible. THE GLORIOUS PURSUIT will show you how.

1.  Getting Your Life Back
2.  The Holy Bridge
3.  The Glorious Pursuit

4.  Living Where You Are (Humility, Part One)
5.  The Beautiful Spirit (Humility, Part Two)
6.  Resting in the Current (Surrender)
7.  Freedom from Within (Detachment)
8.  The Energy of Your Soul (Love)
9.  Safe Relationships (Chastity)
10.Positive Possession (Generosity)
11.Awakened Living (Vigilance)
12.Realistic Expectations (Patience)
13.Pure Perception
14.Exuberant Living (Thankfulness)
15.Caressing Life (Gentleness)
COMMENTS from Readers
Comments from people who have used this material:

“In a culture of pop religion and instant everything – including Christianity – this call for growth in the Christian life by pursuit of the classic Christian virtues is in itself a virtue. Gary Thomas has put believers in his debt by not only calling attention to the importance of the virtues, but also by describing them in everyday language and offering practical suggestions fro growing in them. A valuable book.”
-Gordon D. Fee, Professor of New Testament and Dean of Faculty, Regent College

“The Glorious Pursuit is a timely call for Christians to reflect the character of Christ more consistently, not just by focusing on externals, but by becoming more attuned with Him internally. He makes it clear that personal change and growth are possible through the daily practice of biblical virtues. Insightful and filled with positive suggestions, this book can help its readers improve the quality of their discipleship and witness.”
-Franklin Graham

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Glorious Pursuit
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