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2 Ways to Live

Author: Matthias Media
Publisher: Matthias Media
ISBN: 187524543x
Pages: 4
Year Printed:
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What is Christianity about? What does it mean to be a "Christian"?
Most people have their own ideas about these questions, but in the end God's ideas are the important ones. What does He say Christianity is really about?

That is what this booklet investigates: God's definition of Christianity, as He spells it out in the Bible.

This booklet is a handy evangelistic tool, useful to introduce people to who God really is, and His plan of salvation for them.


1.  God - The Loving Ruler and Creater
2.  Humanity in Rebellion
3.  God Won't Let People Keep On Rebelling Forever
4.  Jesus - The Man Who Died for Rebels
5.  Jesus - The Risen Ruler
6.  The Two Ways to Live
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2 Ways to Live
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