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Two Ways to Live - Participant's Manual

Author: Matthias Media
Publisher: Matthias Media
ISBN: 187632659X
Pages: 86
Year Printed: 2003 revised
Price$12.99 $13.64 with TAX
Two ways to live: Know and share the gospel is a seven-week training course that teaches Christians:
. to know the gospel thoroughly for themselves
. to be able to share that gospel naturally, in their own words, with other people.

This is the Participant's Manual for the course, and also contains:
. a CD (glued inside the front cover) containing audio and multimedia material
. a set of memory cards (inside the back cover) to help in learning the Two ways to live gospel summary

Leaders need a copy of this Participant's Manual, as well as:
. the Leader's Manual (with notes and content for leading the course)
. the Training Video (an optional but highly recommended resource, containing extra input for the leader as well as clips to use throughout the course)

Session 1:
About this course
How well do you know the gospel?
Two ways to live in action

Session 2:
Assignment review
How Two ways to live can help you know and share the gospel
Practical training

Session 3:
Assignment review
Knowing the gospel
Understanding the gospel (part 1)

Session 4:
Assignment review
Understanding the gospel (part 2)
Sharing the gospel

Session 5:
Assignment review
Which Way?
Which Way 1: Definite No
Which Way 2: Definite Yes

Session 6:
Assignment review
Which Way 3: Yes, but not yet
Handling common questions
Which Way 4: On the fence
Which Way 5: Already Christian
Session 7:
Lead me to Christ
Following through
Wher to from here?

God talk
Answers to common questions
The text and drawings of Two ways to live
The 'Which Way' summary
Participant's CD contents

Memory Cards
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