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The Gospel Reloaded

Author: Chris Seay & Greg Garrett
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 1576834786
Pages: 173
Year Printed:
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The World Has Changed.
The Gospel Reloaded rushes headlong into The Matrix, exploring the triology's intricate details, religious undertones, and eclectic philosophies. These aren't movies you just "watch". They are postmodern epics, full of meaning and metaphor - deserving of serious inquiries and contemplation.

Get inside the collective minds of the Wachowski brothers. See how even the minute details - from Neo's name to Thomas Anderson's room number - yield secrets to better understand the film.

The movies call us to seek and find. Read how the themes of The Matrix call you to your own spiritual revelation. Ask of your own life what is real and what is a mirage? Then you will discover just how deep this rabbit hole really goes.


  1.  Experiencing the Matrix
  2.  What Is the Matrix?
  3.  Postmodern Stew
  4.  Enlightened...From East to West
  5.  Paradise Lost
  6.  Neo: My Own Personal Jesus
  7.  Leap of Faith
  8.  Reinventing Myth for New Generations
  9.  Morpheus: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
10.  Wake Up!
11.  Walking the Path
12.  Trinity: The Female Face of God
13.  I Know Kung Fu
14.  Enslaved to Creation
15.  Cypher: Tempter and Betrayer
16.  It Could Happen
17.  Apocalypse Now
Afterword for Artists, Storytellers, and Writers
Appendix: About the Wachowski Brothers
About the Authors
Discussion Leader's Section
Participant Preparation: not required
Book Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.

Comments from people who have used this material:

"Intelligent and substantive, this book is engagingly written."
Publishers Weekly Religion Book Line

"Instead of throwing rocks at culture and Hollywood, Chris Seay and Greg Garrett seek to build bridges. This is simply the best book on the deeper meaning of The Matrix."
David Bruce, web master,

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The Gospel Reloaded
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